It is with sadness we announce the passing of our beloved friend Jampal Gyatso.

Jampal had been creating the message he wanted sent out upon his death when he was hospitalized for the last time, so it remained unfinished.
You will recognize his generous, loving nature in what he had drafted so far. His words are for each of us:
"Your friendship has invoked in me the qualities that I treasure most in my life - Joy, loving kindness, generosity, and love.  Your friendship has enriched and supported me in this life, and has fulfilled me.  I would like to apologize for any shortcomings on my part that may have adversely affected you in some way. Please know that it has not affected the love I feel for you…."

He also wanted to include his favorite passage from Shakespeare
As You Like It:
“And this our life, exempt from public haunt,
Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in everything.”

This was the essence of his spirit, was it not, finding good in everything and everyone.


To our Dorje Ling sangha and friends, Jampal and the Dorje Ling Board have just reached the difficult decision to temporarily close our center and suspend all regular dharma activities, for an undetermined period of time.

We are responding to the updates coming from the Oregon Health Authority and to Governor Kate Brown’s strongly worded mitigation measures announced yesterday, March 12, 2020. We encourage you to continue your practice at home, and to reach out and support one another in smart and healthy ways, while maintaining the social distancing that is our best hope to slow the spread of the virus. We will stay in touch. We may even become more digitally skillful! And in the interim, any of us can share teachings and links that inspire us, from different sources, words and videos that convey wisdom and compassion.

To reach Dorje Ling by email, please consider using this address rather than Jampal’s personal email: With metta, Jampal and the Dorje Ling Board of Directors
At this very moment, for the peoples and the nations of the earth, May not even the names disease, famine, war, and suffering be heard. Rather may their moral conduct, merit, wealth, and prosperity increase, And may supreme good fortune and well-being always arise for them.