Weekly Practice

All Practices Subject To Change (impermanence)

Please check the calendar our upcoming events and events page for special events that may override standard weekly practices.
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Orientation one Sunday a month 10:00am

Once a month Dorje Ling offers a one hour Orientation before the regular Sunday practice. This gives people new to Dorje Ling a chance to familiarize themselves with the practice and to ask quesions. We encourage, but do not require visitors to attend. Please check the calendar to find out when the Orientation will be this month.

Ngondro Meditation and Tsok Practice Sundays 11am

Weekly alternating schedule of Ngondro and Tsok practice

Our basic meditation practice is comprised of a Ngondro (Tibetan for "foundational") that has various Vajrayana components as well as silent meditation periods and mantra recitation. It is conducted in a friendly, informal manner and open to people at all levels of practice.

According to the Tibetan lunar calendar, there are special days of practice, called tsog or tsok celebrations, 5 days before full and new moon (the 10th and 25th lunar day of the lunar month or about 5 days prior to new and full moons). Food offerings are suggested and these are shared during the practice. We have found that having a Tsok every other Sunday works best with peoples schedules.

Buddhism Study Group - Tuesdays 7pm-8:30pm

Weekly book study that consists of reading and discussion. Our weekly book study group meets on Tuesday evenings. We explore a broad spectrum of dharma books, and take each one slowly, with close reading and discussion. Some of the books we have studied recently are these: Mind beyond Death by Dzogchen Ponlop, Karma: What it is, What it isn’t, and Why it Matters by Traleg Rinpoche, the Dalai Lama’s How to See Yourself as You Really Are, Enlightened Journey by Tulku Thondup, No Time to Lose by Pema Chodron and Jigme Lingpa’s Treasury of Precious Qualities. If you are interested, please come join us. All are welcome.

Meditation class - Wednesdays 7pm-8:30pm

We are currently practicing and studying shamatha in the Dzogchen tradition. Our practice is based on Dudjom Lingpa's mind treasure The Sharp Vajra of Conscious Awareness. This practice & study is suitable for all levels of experience, and no texts are necessary. Dzogchen is translated as Great Perfection or Great Encompassment. Shamatha is translated as Calm Abiding. Join us!

Teachings and Empowerments

At various times, lamas, senior dharma students and monastics will offer teachings. Everyone is welcome to attend. For more intensive practices, retreats and teachings, we have the Tashi Choling Center in Ashland, OR, where Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche and other teachers reside. There is a regular schedule of retreats and events. Recently, we've had teachings and empowerments with Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche, H.H. Getse Rinpoche, Lingtrul Rinpoche, Lama Rinchen and others.

Retreat Cabin

There is a retreat cabin located in the woods below the temple. It can be reserved for people who wish to have solitude for extended practice. Trails lead from the cabin into Forest Park. It is quiet, simple and serene.

Enlightenment Stupa

We have recently built an Enlightenment Stupa, behind the temple, overlooking Portland, surrounded by gardens. Everyone is welcome to visit and circumambulate the stupa which generates enormous positive karma and benefits the entire environment!

The Pursuit of Virtue

Please join us, all are welcome!