Teachings and Lineage

Teachings and practices at Dorje Ling are guided by Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche and other Vajrayana teachers. We offer teachings and training in meditation, foundational practices, generation stage practices, Phowa (transference of consciousness), Tsoks (traditional Tibetan ceremonies done on a regular basis) and, through this and our other centers in the region, various kinds of retreats, drup chens, study of classical texts in the Tantric/Vajrayana tradition and teachings by lamas, senior practitioners and monastics. You can view our current, upcoming and past events here.

Our main center, Tashi Choling, is located outside Ashland, Oregon, and offers many additional opportunities for Dharma students to advance on the spiritual path. Please check out our site at www.tashicholing.org or visit our book store at www.vimalatreasures.org.

Main Centers

Tashi Choling
Ashland, OR (our main center)
Orgyen Dorje Den
Alameda, CA (our bay area center)
For publications, books, videos and more

Other Centers

Namdroling Montana
Bozeman, MT
Osel Nyingpo
Ojai, CA
Palri Pema Od Ling
Austin, TX
Yeshe Nyingpo Mexico
Ensenada, Mexico