Lama Chonam

Nature of Mind

11/13/2015 07:00pm - 11/15/2015 04:00pm

Location: Dorje Ling

3200 NW Skyline Blvd
Portland, OR 97229-3815

Nature of Mind from a Tibetan Buddhist Perspective
With Lama Chonam

Lama Chonam will draw from the teachings of
the ancient Kadampa Masters on instructions
for the lineage of mind training—with an emphasis
on taking adversity as the path of practice
to arouse compassion for all beings. These
teachings will continue in more detail on Saturday
at Dorje Ling. Sunday morning join us in
a guided meditation. Those interested in
translation are encouraged to meet with Lama
Chonam on Sunday afternoon to discuss plans
for Tibetan language instruction.

Lama Chonam
Name Dates Info Location Cost
Introduction: Nature of Mind11/13/2015 07:00pm - 08:00pmAll are welcomeTabor Space$10.00
Lojong11/14/2015 10:00am - 12:30pmLojong - Mind training morning session.Dorje Ling$20.00
Lojong11/14/2015 01:30pm - 04:00pmLojong - Mind Training afternoon sessionDorje Ling$20.00
Guided Meditation11/15/2015 10:00am - 12:00pmGuided meditation along with questions and answers at the end.Dorje Ling$10.00
Tibetan to English11/15/2015 02:00pm - 04:00pmTibetan to English translation discussionDorje Ling$10.00