Jampal Gyatso

Contact Dorje Ling Portland

Jampal Gyatso (Clark Hansen)
Gelong/Bhikkhu (resident monk)

3200 NW Skyline Blvd.
Portland, OR 97229-3815
When on Skyline Blvd look for the prayer flags.


Once a month, we offer a half hour Orientation before the regular Sunday practice, at 10:00 am.

This gives people new to Dorje Ling a chance to familiarize themselves with the basics of Tibetan Buddhism, our center, and our practices. We encourage but do not require new people to attend at least one orientation. The orientation will be offered by Jampal, our resident monk, or by one of our regular sangha members.

Please check the calendar to find out when the Orientation will be this month.

Please use this contact form to RSVP if you plan to come to our next scheduled orientation. Thank you.

Many people contact us asking if they can come to a particular practice, what they need to know and what's expected. The answer is that all practices are open to anyone. There is nothing that you need to know or bring before participating. No prior experience or knowledge is needed or required. The only expectations are that you come with an open mind and have an interest in learning more about Vajrayana Buddhism and its practices. Please check our calendar, weekly practices and event pages for more information. If you still have questions, please use the contact form below to reach us.
Tashi Delek! (Blessings and Good Luck)

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